Amplifying the value of design

The ability to manage

your own health care should be a given.  The OneRoom interface makes it easy.

Mobile Healthcare

Family in the Kitchen

The Internet of Things.  How will we use our phones to manage everything from home security to coffee makers?

A single point solution

Think about your team - 

how do you get business operations, workflow & people onto the same page ?

Clear Communication

We believe that good design can actually change your life.  

If there is one thing we have learnt, it is that good design is hard work. The OneRoom user interface has been designed to offer diverse users a simple communication interface that takes into consideration business needs, workflow operations and user requirements. 


OneRoom's patent-pending technology and design can be licensed to help you and your organization.  We are your secret weapon in helping to better and more easily engage your customers, clients, patients and partners.


The OneRoom interface empowers users.  Giving them the ability to control devices, events, complete transactions, communicate, link to execute tasks, share information access and explore relevant external links.


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"Every great design begins with

an even better story."

- Lorinda Mamo

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