A passion to rethink education is at the heart of OneRoom. It is where the OneRoom journey began. 


In 2015, we were challenged in a conversation with a senior school leader to figure out how digital technology could be better used to help increase student achievement and increase parent engagement.  We understood the challenge, as we were living the reality of juggling four children in three different schools.


What evolved from that conversation was a vision for making education work for all.


OneRoom helps connect parents, students, teachers, administrators and leaders. In education, we all have a common goal yet we all play a different role.  OneRoom recognizes the unique role that each 'stakeholder' plays and provides the power, ability and functionality to help everyone do their job well and get things done.

Helps students:

  • get better organized

  • feel less hasseled

  • feel better about themselves

  • get better academic results

Helps teachers:

  • see results quickly

  • spend less time on admin tasks

  • be better informed

  • gain effectiveness

  • better support students

Helps administrators:

  • save money

  • save time on admin tasks

  • reduce personal stress

  • feel better connected

Helps parents:

  • to feel in control

  • be more engaged

  • be better organized

  • support their children better

  • effectively support teachers and the school

Helps coaches:

  • communicate more effectively

  • be better supported

OneRoom is a decentralized engagement platform for a defined community. It streamlines communication, enables easy task execution, allows for secure identity & contract management and helps drive educational success.


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OneRoom: Education working for all.

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