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Stay connected to what really matters.

One Orbit.
Organizations, companies, communities and people you interact with easily managed.
Your universe at your fingertips. 
Communicate your way.
Custom interface to help you keep track of the stuff that matters: track it, understand it, action it.
Job done!
Own your data.
Not everything should be stored in someone else's cloud.  Some call it decentralized communication we call it common sense.
Empowering you.
Party in private.
Connect with the people you need to talk to without sharing personal information.  
Beam me up, Scotty!

From "Think Different" to "Different Thinking"


Reduce digital garbage.

Digital is garbage.  "Every smartphone is like a mini-garbage truck brimming over with useless junk." (Gerry McGovern, 2019).  Life is media, newsletters, texts, emails, endless news streams and apps don't help. OneRoom streamlines communication.


No warlords or sugar mountains.

Why should one person or organization hold power and data?  We believe in user ownership: you should control your own data and get better connected to real life. OneRoom is a decentralized communication platform that focuses on giving you the tools you need to better engage with the groups and organizations that you are part of. 


You matter. 

It's all about the user. With OneRoom, the role you play, the information you need to be effective and the people you need to connect with are all in one place.  No more digging for information.  No more losing control of your data.


Time is short. 

The OneRoom platform provides you with an 'a la carte menu' that is personalized according to your information needs: relevant chats, events, tasks and more - all served in easily understood, bite-sized chunks designed to always bring a smile to your face.




OneRoom: Different Thinking.

OneRoom started from a challenge to figure out how to use technology to streamline school communication.  It's now being developed as a platform to enable streamlined communication for groups and organizations of all sizes.   We're passionate about user centered design.  We believe true success and disruption occurs when users needs are understood and met.

Founder, Executive Lead


Prior to founding OneRoom, Claudia helped co-found Digitalworks Europe, based in London, UK.  Digitalworks is a digital growth agency that specializes in helping organizations (largely corporate and public sector) deliver great user experiences that increase revenue and deliver value.  Claudia completed a Master's in International Conflict Analysis and has a background in team management, research and analysis. She is passionate about justice issues around education.  She is lucky to call Canada, New Zealand and the UK, home.



Andrew is a pioneer in user-centered design with over 17 years of experience rescuing interfaces and delivering digital solutions that are useful, usable and used.  Andrew has extensive digital experience in the financial services sector and in the public sector.  Andrew took a short break from Digitalworks to help incubate the OneRoom project.  He is now actively seeking new clients who have the courage, hunger and budget to step-change their digital growth.  Andrew is a proud kiwi.

We are resident aliens currently based in Kansas City, Missouri (sometimes it feels like Mars) with a secondary base in the UK.  We'd love to connect...

UK: +44 (0)20 7096 8944

USA: +1 (816) 419 - 0590


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