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Making school work for you.

Teacher, Parent, Student, Administrator, Social Worker?

OneRoom is a beautifully simple and easy-to-use communication platform that enables you to stay connected and keep track of everything you need to make education work for you. 



  • is the communication layer that helps everyone stay informed and organized

  • helps you access the information you need

  • puts the people you need at your fingertips

  • gives you control of your data

  • lets you engage with key stakeholders in and around your school community

  • gives you the tools to stay on top of all the tasks relating to you, to your child, to your students, to your peers or your staff

Whoever you are.  Wherever you are.

The OneRoom Advantage: Different Thinking

Personalized Experiences

Teacher? Student? Parent? Administrator? Principal? Social Worker? To really make education work, we need collaboration tools that streamline communication and respect our different roles. We take the 'one size fits all' approach out of communication.

Giving you what you want & need.

Accessible from All Locations

Inaccessible information is useless.  We believe in ownership of data and being able to access critical information even without Wi-Fi.

Crossing the digital divide of ownership & accessibility.

New Mutuality

Recent events have caused us to recognize our new mutuality:  we're all in this together.  We believe this will translate into a greater focus on recognizing the role we each play and focus on using technology that truly empower everyone in finding and making their unique contributions.

Empowering connection.

What People Are Saying...

Every district will want this because we all have the same problems.

District Superintendent

I hate technology but I would use this!


I NEED THIS!  Schools don't realize how hard it is to keep up with everything.

Mother of 3


We've Been Around the Block

With years of digital delivery under our belts, we are experts at creating hand-crafted growth strategies and delivering results.  We have helped organizations and government agencies uncover hidden obstacles to growth, unmet user needs and untapped opportunities.


OneRoom was birthed from a conversation with a UK school leader, struggling to figure out how digital technology could be better used to overcome the challenges facing his schools:  poor student organization, a lack of parental engagement and the challenge of retaining teachers.

We're on a mission to transform education by streamlining communication according to the needs of the user.


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